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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 32 June 2016

June marks a big month in the democratic calendar, with soundbite statements from left, right and centre equally grand as they are vague. Our policy aim is for balance and sobriety on such topics, so Catriona Watson’s piece on EU Lawmaking is a must-read.

Ged Camera’s retrospective on the infamous 1996 bomb is another that comes highly recommended, from his anecdote of a verbal exchange with a copper at the blast area’s perimeter to his conclusions on the past 20 years in Manchester’s development. My music venues article looks at the city’s development from another perspective, from Night & Day Cafe’s noise abatement notice to night mayors, while other music section writing captures the local techno scene, the problem with britpop and a chinwag with Erased Tapes’ Ben Lukas Boysen.

Reviews take on Lara Williams’ Treats, Joy Division play New Dawn Fades and various new music output, with Word Life fittingly choosing ‘Light’ for its theme on the cusp of summer.

Dig in over to the right for more gems besides, and enjoy the read in the sunshine.

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