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Issue 38 December 2016

We round off the year with a both a nod to future pastures and a glance over our shoulders.

Word Life’s ‘endings’ theme this month has various meanings: section editor Elspeth is off to travel around Central and South America, while 2016’s year of death is also drawing to a close, including soul singer Sharon Jones’s early departure from a musical life remembered by Jamie Groovement.

Conversely, there are also new beginnings, not least for the political projects of our interviewees, Yanis Varoufakis and Simon Anholt, as well as The Media Fund’s inauguration as an important mechanism for aiding the futures of several independent media outlets across the UK, including Now Then.

Similarly, the People’s Plan has launched in earnest during November, with several well-attended events. We went along to a couple of them to report on progress so far, ahead of collating a list of aims for mayoral candidates’ manifestos next May.

There’s more for your eyes betwixt and between, including an interview, a live review and an album review covering worriedaboutsatan’s recent activities.

Enjoy the read and see you on the next calendar.

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