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Dubbul O Smoka-Motive

Released: 27 October 2017

Although there are plenty of references to weed in this EP, you don't need to be a fan of the green stuff in order to appreciate Dubbul O's latest project. The Manchester rapper has lots to say, especially about the internal struggle between positivity and negativity, while producer Mankub's eclectic beats perfectly complement his flows.

The title track is a funky, off-kilter number with a slow, lazy groove. Sultry vocals and woodwind frame Dubbul O's impressive, lightning-quick rhymes. Mankub's genius on this track is combining contrasting sounds and somehow making them work.

Good luck keeping up with Dubbul O on the last track, ‘Mussbemental’, as he fires words out like speeding bullets. This track really showcases Dubbul O's vocal skills with his catch me if you can delivery.

‘In The Mix’ is moody and intense, but also mega catchy. Dark, industrial beats contrasts with an uplifting message. Dubbul O urges people to “fuck the misery, deflect it,” then issues a call to the people who are “unified for revolution”.

‘Do What You Can’ is a heavenly tune, featuring the lush vocals of Tyler Daley (Children Of Zeus.) With its infectious chorus, dreamy harmonies and lashings of flute, this tips the balance as my favourite track. Daley and Dubbul O both excel lyrically with their insightful and probing rhymes.

The main takeaways are ‘In The Mix’ and ‘Do What You Can’, which serve like motivational tapes. Whack them on whenever you're feeling worried or uncertain for that much-needed kick up the behind.

by Red Hen