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Dubbul O What Ya Missin

We review the brand new collaboration between the cream of Manchester's jazz and hip hop musicians.

Released: 8 October 2021
What Ya Missin

Jointhedots is a new live project from former Mouse Outfit founding member, producer and bassist, Defty. Together with long-time collaborators Dubbul O, Liviu Gheorge (keys) and Aaron Wood (trumpet), Jointhedots released their debut single, ‘What Ya Missin’, on 8 October.

‘What Ya Missin’ is an ultra laidback track with a meditative, uplifting vibe. Opening with suspenseful keys, the track unfolds with helpings of smooth, dreamy trumpet from Wood. The song’s stripped-back feel perfectly showcases Dubbul O’s distinctive vocals as he flows with ease over a classic boom bap beat. Expect Dubbul O’s usual high standard of lyricism and rhythmical delivery on this jazzy number. The song is brought together by funky bass, soft keys and a catchy, singsong hook.

‘What Ya Missin’ is a classy, mature track. Its quiet confidence, gentle groove and sublime trumpet is guaranteed to make your head bob, and your soul smile.

by Red Hen