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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 31 May 2016

Since the sun is shining outside, I’ve opted for a summery cover image for this month’s issue. It’s the first of several by The Lost Fox – one lies behind every article.

Housebound political Marmite Julian Assange answers our questions. He’s undoubtedly a headlining interview, whichever side your toast is buttered. We also have chin wags with the director of Notes On Blindness, South Manchester Credit Union, electronic producer Mark Pritchard and The Wonder Inn’s Kirsty Almeida.

Navigate the rest of the links to the right of this page for an all-you-can-read bargain across music, film, food, poetry, and more.

If you’d like to get involved with writing or photography for any of the sections then please drop me a line – ian at nowthenmagazine dot com.

Enjoy the read.

This month's articles

Filmreel Notes On Blindness

The countdown to Doc/Fest 2016 is well underway after the first announcement of events was published last month. One particular documentary…

Sounds From The Other City 2016

For those people who get frustrated when they hear about a superb event that took place nearby but they missed it, you’d best prepare to…

Localcheck Credit Where It’s Due

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in Manchester and once again it’s raining. I push my bike along the pavement in front of a nondescript row of…

Mark Pritchard Under The Sun

Mark Pritchard is one of the most prolific electronic musicians of the last few decades. He has released under many aliases and in…

Multiculturalism: A Diverse City

Across the globe, the political pendulum is swinging to the right. Throughout Europe, openly fascist parties have transformed fear and…

Sound It's a Wonder Full Life

As soon as you enter Manchester’s Wonder Inn, it’s instantly apparent why so many people are determined to ensure that the place sticks…