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Issue 44 July 2017

It’s about time we caught up with a couple of projects we’ve covered in the fairly recent past.

Last month we highlighted the Manchester With Love compilation, which amassed a huge 226 tracks all submitted in aid of the I Love Manchester Emergency Fund. Get back to us via Twitter with your top 5 if you can narrow it down.

The wheels are moving for Partisan again now that they’ve landed premises close to Victoria rail station. There’s an open door policy from 10am to 8pm daily during this month, followed by open weekends every month or so through the rest of the year, so check it out at 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY.

As for us, this issue features an interview with Cllr Beth Knowles, who is on the Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network team which will launch its three-year action plan this month. It’s part of Andy Burnham’s Homelessness Fund initiative, which has been one of his main focuses since day one in the mayoral office, and Knowles has a particular interest in how the arts can help to re-engage isolated and vulnerable people into society.

The concluding part of David Dunnico’s exploration of Engels in modern Manchester lands in Localcheck and Elliott Mills retells his trail along Cambridge Street with Sebald and Burgess in mind.

We have a pair of music interviews, Indigo Girls and Clark. The latter plays at MIF on Saturday 8 July, while LaSharVu’s early MIF performance is among our live reviews. Fatherland, another of the MIF production, is reviewed in the Stage section. Elsewhere, Mina Suder reviews the latest film in Kosmonaut’s Hip Hop Doc Spot series, Stretch and Bobbito, Ged Camera chews the fat at the new Mayfield HQ and Word Life hosts seven picks from the world of poetry and lit.

Finally, the vibrant colours behind each article are by Marcus Method, so we’ve squeezed in a word with him as well. To see the full images, click the button at the top left of each web page.

Enjoy the read.

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