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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 48 November 2017

News arrived this month that Manchester has been awarded Unesco City of Literature status, so where better to start than highlighting this issue’s Word Life section, featuring four flash fictions. There will be more on that new status next month, along with a closer look at a new literary activity map, Writing Manchester, which has been created by our own Word Life in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University.

In the background this month, we have Alex Ekins’ photographic project, which began with images of the Sadhu Shiva Das in Nepal in 2012 and has found its way to ours pages via the walls of his native Sheffield.

We chat with Don Letts for our featured interview, and reviews look at Grimmfest 2017, The Spirit of Hulme and The Believers Are But Brothers, among others.

In Talking Points, David Dunnico offers his perspective of the Design Manchester 2017 panel’s viewpoints on the public realm, while in Localcheck we look at age-friendliness, befriending and the #30DaysofFriendship campaign.

Enjoy the read.

This month's articles


I was recently moving some furniture around at a Sheffield city centre venue, getting ready for a gig, and one of Alex Ekins’ life-sized…


I recently returned from Barcelona, the city I lived and worked in for two years. I have friends on both sides of the independence debate…


A one-man cultural and creative hub who transcends video, fashion, music, writing and broadcasting, Don Letts has been at the forefront of…

Filmreel Grimmfest 2017

Horror can manifest in many ways and through many forms. Be it through an incident of university campus rape, the breakdown of a…

Localcheck #30DaysOfFriendship

While the city centre population continues to swell around the 20 and 30-something age brackets, the number of people aged 50 and over is…