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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 51 February 2018

After last month’s ‘Best Of 2017’ selection, we welcome Claire Riley’s digital paintbrush strokes as our first featured artist of the year. Taking her lead from Greater Manchester’s settings, hopefully you’ll recognise many of the scenes throughout this issue. They provide vivid backdrops to our latest compilation of words, among which Riley reveals her working process and inspiration as part of our interview.

Elsewhere, Localcheck looks at the next steps for Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign and David Ewing found out what the Manchester branch of Acorn have been planning. For Food, Tracy Reeves visited The Clink Charity restaurant, and Word Life fittingly focuses on ‘love’ as its theme for Valentine’s month.

Our main music interview is with Mackem siblings Field Music, while Stage put Piers Morgan’s interview in the shade by firing questions at Donald Trump – as played by David Burchhardt in Blowfish Theatre’s forthcoming musical about the tweeting POTUS.

There’s also room for reviews of Hamlet, Tilted Music Festival and a couple of silver screen releases.

See you in March.

This month's articles

Serving Time In The Clink

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Localcheck A Design for Street Life

City street design has long gestation period. More than two years on from the first Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (GMCC)…

Trump: The Musical

The folks behind the satirical staging of Boris: The Musical, Blowfish Theatre, are due to follow it up by taking on another spreader of…