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Issue 62 January 2019

So, to 2019.

One of the first ports of call is the consultation for the Manchester-Chorlton cycleway, the deadline for which is 11 January. For a refresher, catch up with December’s Localcheck.

The first Localcheck of the year sees Lucas Jones looking back at the footprint left by 2018’s Xmas Markets, as well as looking ahead to the issues of the proposed pay-to-stay policy.

We have also been in conversation with a pair of people who will be featuring on Greater Manchester’s cultural landscape soon, namely Little Voice actress Katie Elin-Salt and indie rockers The Vryll Society.

The rest of this month’s issue crams in podcasts, film reviews and a magic-themed Word Life section.

Enjoy the read.

This month's articles

Live / stage review Foundations Festival

"OMG, she has the same nipple tassels as me." That's not a phrase you will come across in the supermarket. The fact it didn’t cause a stir…

Making Space: Squatting & Trespass

The history of squatting and trespass is a history of contesting property. But despite its reputation, the aim has never been to take over…

Sound The Rise of the Podcasts

Podcasts have opened my eyes like nothing else in my life – variously, these are obnoxious, political, philosophical, and, sometimes: helpful.


Curated by Elizabeth Gibson.

Hello from Liz! Happy New Year!
I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable time over the festive season, and that this year will be a good one.