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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 64 March 2019

We have a Localcheck-heavy issue this month, with plenty of campaigns and political movements to keep an eye on across Greater Manchester.

Our trio of music interviews sees chinwags with the multi-genre Nubiyan Twist, ‘Girl Gang’ ringleader Lisa Luxx and Manchester hip hop abstraction Legion.

There are also reviews of Martin Parr’s ongoing exhibition and two films that have caught our writers’ eyes.

Enjoy the read.

This month's articles

Martin Parr: Return to Manchester

Parr's views about places such as hairdressers playing an ever-increasing part in social interaction are delivered with pinpoint accuracy in this photo exhibition.

Moving Greater Manchester

Much has been said about Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s perceived “cop out” over the Clean Air Plan published at the end of…

Legion On Creativity and Truth

Legion, the Mothership Connection rapper whose birth certificate says Charles Palmer, has been a feature of the dystopian underbelly of…

Lisa Maltby March's featured artist

What strikes me first about this month's featured artist, Lisa Maltby, is how pleasantly unpretentious her art is. From the work she does…

Localcheck Emmaus And The Post-War Spirit

As the homelessness crisis deepens every year, Emmaus is bringing post-war spirit to prevent people from falling into such a desperate situation.

Nubiyan Twist Afrobeat-reggae-jazz extravaganza

Leading up to the release of their new album, Jungle Run, we talked to Nick and Joe of Nubiyan Twist, a band that've been making waves nationwide with a unique sound that defies easy definition.