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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Issue 66 May 2019

This issue combines May and June, so we’re crammed with reviews of both Sounds From The Other City and Manchester Jazz Festival, as well as interviews with avant-garde sound artist Holly Herndon and scriptwriter Naomi Sumner Chan.

Lucas Jones gets his teeth into the past couple of election days for Localcheck, and Ged Camera drove his (figurative) Chevy to Levy Library to learn about the community project’s progress so far.

Our featured artist is Liam Woodruff, whose colourful work you can see across our pages in this issue and in real life on 4 June at Night & Day Cafe. We’ve also fired some questions at local documentary photographer David Dunnico, whose Flag of Convenience exhibition runs until 28 June at Stockport Art Gallery.

This month's articles

Flying the Flag

In advance of his Flag of Convenience photo exhibition, David Dunnico tells us about flag-waving, patriotic postcards and his travels in search of subject matter.

Localcheck A New Chapter

We spoke to Jez Hall of the Levenshulme Old Library committee about the reopening of Levenshulme's Carnegie Library and the plans for its future.

Liam Woodruff Brave New World

Graphic designer and illustrator Liam Woodruff’s portfolio is bulging with twisted pop culture references framed in strikingly colourful cartoon surrealism.

Live / stage review Night Time Economy

Elbow once played in the now-closed Cine City cinema in Withington. Beth Ditto and her cohorts in The Gossip played in a subterranean club…

Localcheck Election Autopsy

In the Local Elections, as predicted, Labour and the Conservatives both saw large vote losses across Greater Manchester. However, the end…

SFTOC 2019: Two Paths Through The Salford Festival

Like a star that has exploded and shed stardust, in this case across Salford’s Chapel Street corridor over 15 years, Sounds From The Other City took the decision to contract into a dense, pulsar-like object that still spews out light and life.

Naomi Sumner Chan Adopted Voices

Naomi answered our questions on the writing and research process for her latest production Same Same Different and the complex themes that emerge from adoption.